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What is pre-PAY?

  • pre-PAY is a pay-as-you-use plan that allows you to pay when you want, in the amounts you want*. Instead of receiving a paper bill each month, energy use is calculated daily.


  • A deposit is not required to establish service with pre-PAY
  • *An initial minimum payment of $100 will get you started with $50 going toward electricity use.

What are the benefits?

  • pre-PAY electricity helps lower electric consumption due to member's awareness of their usage. Any member interested in monitoring and lowering electric usage and costs will benefit from pre-PAY. It's easy and convenient to monitor both usage and credit balance online using Broad River’s new MyEnergy Online web portal or by phone.

How do I make payments? 

  • You can make weekly or bi-weekly payments rather than one large payment each month. Cash, check, credit card or bank draft payments can be made online, over the phone, or at one of our pay stations located throughout the service territory.

What if my pre-PAY account runs low?

  • You will receive a low balance notice via the method you choose (e-mail, automated calling service, or text message).This will give you time to purchase more power before the meter stops.
  • If you do not purchase more power, the meter will stop and the power will turn off. However, purchasing power is quick and easy, even on weekends and holidays. Once an adequate payment is made, your power will reconnect almost immediately.

When will I receive a low balance notice?

  • When you set up your pre-PAY account, you will choose the balance at which you will begin to receive low-balance notifications.

What if I get disconnected?

  • If your pre-PAY account is disconnected, you will be required to pay your negative pre-PAY account balance as well as a $25 reconnect service charge and the current standard amount of $50 for additional power.The total payment amount can be obtained and paid anytime by calling 1-OUR-COOP, on the internet at (MyEnergy Online), or at the Cooperative offices during regular business hours.

Can I get an extension on a pre-PAY Account?

  • No. Your pre-PAY account is not eligible for credit extensions or payment arrangements.Energy assistance payments must be received prior to a credit being applied to your pre-PAY account.

What if I don’t like the pre-PAY program?

  • You may revert your pre-PAY account to our normal billing service at any time.However, Broad River Electric Cooperative will require an additional deposit in accordance with our current policy.


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