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Pay Directly. Pay with Confidence.

Using third-party payers can result in added fees, disconnection

It used to be local convenience stores, now it's a host of online services. Sites like, MoneyGram, and others offer to pay your power bill with the promise of convenience and automation. The problem is, none of these sites are authorized by or have a relationship with Broad River Electric. They are not aware of our payment schedule, fees, policies, or processes. 

Using an unauthorized third party to pay your power bills can lead to:

Late Fees

Payments made through these sites are not immediate and often take days to get to Broad River Electric.

Service Interruptions

If payments are made near your disconnect date, these delays could result in disconnections. 

Insufficient payments

Added fees deducted from your payment by these websites can result in an amount less than your balance due.

My Energy Online log

Convenience You Can Trust

Broad River Electric offers convenience you can trust.

Through the MyEnergy Online member portal, members can:

  • Pay their bill online
  • Set up automatic payments
  • Avoid added fees by using E-checks
  • Use our smartphone app to make payments
  • Trust that all payments are direct and immediate
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