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New Service

Application For New Service

We are trying to extend the best possible service to our members. Though possible delays keep us from issuing a connect date for service, the schedule below will give you an idea of the time frame we try to follow. Some preparation on your part, however, can speed the process.

If you have any questions, please call our staking department and use the wiring diagrams provided. The following is an approximate schedule for your new service.

Applications for new services will be scheduled with:


Department Approximate timeframe
  • Staking
  • Warehouse
  • Scheduled for Construction


4 working days
1 working day
5 working days



Service installation could be delayed if you:

  • Don't have an electrical inspection permit
  • Don't have your meter base up when staking representative arrives

Additional factors that can delay service installation include:

  • The 72-hour notice before digging, required by state, has not been given
  • Right of way has not been obtained
  • A permit to cross all state roadways, required by state law, has not been obtained (takes two weeks)
  • Our work load is already full
  • The weather is too inclement
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