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Capital Credits

Capital Credits Logo Broad River Electric is a cooperative, which means we are a not-for-profit entity. We don't answer to shareholders—we answer to you. And when we have a good financial year, you benefit. This is how it works. At an electric cooperative, all revenues that exceed expenses are called margins. Each year, we distribute all available margins to each of our member-owner’s active accounts, based on the amount of power that Member-Owner purchased during the year.

It's possible that these capital credits may not be available for payment for several years. During this time, we're using the money to pay for improvements to our system: for poles, wire, and other material.

Member-owners who no longer have an active account receive a check for their share in the mail.


For more information about Capital Credits check out our FAQ page.

If you've moved off our system and think you have unclaimed capital credits due you, find your name here. 

You may also be owed other refunds, check here to see. 

After two years, all unclaimed funds are turned over to the South Carolina Treasurer's office and their unclaimed property program Palmetto Payback.


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