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Capital Credit Estate Refunds

If a member passes away, the administrator of their estate must notify the cooperative in order to claim the remaining capital credits balance.

The administrator of the estate of a deceased Broad River Electric account holder may receive estate payment for capital credit refunds exceeding $100 by doing ALL of the following:

1.      Providing a copy of the death certificate of the deceased member

2.      Submitting Broad River’s Certification of Entitlement form,completed in full (see below)

3.      Providing an affidavit for “collection of personal property pursuant to small estate proceeding” (from Probate Court)


Original documentation designating that person as the Court Appointed Representative of the Estate (from Probate Court)



  • Estate payments are mailed after the approval of the Broad River Electric Board of Directors.
  • Payments to estates are made for funds up through the year of the death of the member.
  • A receipt will be mailed to recipients along with a self-addressed, pre-stamped envelope. Please sign and return the receipt to the cooperative
  • Certification of Entitlement to Broad River Electric Cooperative Capital Credits forms must be notarized. Broad River Electric staff that can notarize these documents, free of charge.


All situations are unique. Please contact a Member Services Representative for more information.



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