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Broad River Electric Charities Board will select recipients of the the benevolent fund based on, but not limited to, the guidelines below. Organizations desiring funding from Broad River Electric Charities can download the linked application and W-9 form (bottom), complete in full and return to: 

Broad River Electric Charities
P.O. Box 2269
Gaffney, SC 29342

Major Funding Categories

A. Community Service:

1.      Programs, projects and organizations with emphasis on public safety, health care, self-sufficiency, and basic human needs.

B. Economic Development:

1.      Community leadership programs designed to improve problem solving skills and empower people to become self-reliant in identifying solutions to local economic and social problems.

C. Education and Youth:

1.      School programs and projects with an emphasis on math and science education and cooperative educational programs.

2.      Programs that are designed to combat critical social problems affecting our children and youth, with an emphasis on children and teens at risk.

D. Disaster Relief:

1.      Program and projects to provide disaster relief and food, clothing, shelter, clean-up and repairs and reconstruction in an emergency following an accident, a severe storm or other causes.




Geographic Focus

Contributions should be focused geographically within the area served by the Cooperative and adjacent areas. Organizations which provide programs and benefits to people who live in this geographic area are eligible for funding consideration, even though the organization is located elsewhere;


Funding Restrictions

1.      Contributions are generally made to non-profit organizations that have been granted tax-exempt status under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(C) (3).

2.      Contributions cannot be used to pay Broad River Electric Cooperative bills. 

3.      Contributions are restricted from:

·      Lobbying/ political organizations,

·      National fund drives;

·      Advertising;

·      Individual medical expenses to health care facilities;

·      Uniforms, personal athletic equipment or general sponsorships for little league and traveling teams

Evaluation Factors

The following factors can be considered in the evaluation of all funding requests:

1.      Potential benefit to area residents and the entire community;

2.      Level of community support for the program or project or the organization requesting the funds;

3.      Fiscal and administrative capability of the organization to deliver a quality service or program; and

4.      Results that are predictable and can be evaluated.




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